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Perhaps the greatest problem for operators of golf courses is to keep the course in good shape. This takes numerous working hours every day. Mostly, due to a lack of experience, the lakes, ponds and the water quality are not first priority in course maintenance.



It is precisely at the point of water purification that IndependentGolf makes a start. In close cooperation with Weitz Wasserwelt we offer our customers holistic solutions for the purification of golf ponds. The history of Weitz GmbH Group goes back to more than 100 years. Weitz GmbH is the leading supplier of biotechnical and biological products for pond care.


Due to PearlGolf’s business expansion, IndependentGolf is maybe the first company to offer a professional all-in-one solution for the purification of golf ponds.

Our philosophy is to make it as easy as possible for our customers. The operator and the greenkeepers are not involved. Of course, we attach great importance to the highest quality standard.


IndependentGolf offers a unique service
for the purification of golf courses.


Through close cooperation with specialists in biology and limnology, we found out that the stocking of fish, crayfish etc. is unfortunately not sufficient to improve the water quality or to restore the ecological balance. The stocking of fish is less effective as soon as there is no longer a sufficient food basis. For this reason it is important to start here and to strengthen the biological balance which is indispensable for a well-functioning microbiology.




Step 1

Via check lists we make a profound analysis of the actual situation.

The specially trained staff evaluates the water quality according to a system that has proved its worth over the years.


Step 2

The water samples are tested on-site and the results are transmitted in real time to the water care specialists.

In accordance to the test results, the pond care professionals elaborate the further procedure and the quantity of the products that have to be applied.*


Step 3

Based on the transmitted date, treatment is started on the same day.

We only use products with the highest quality standards and MADE IN GERMANY.


Step 4

The enrichment of active oxygen improves the biological self-cleaning power of the pond.

The oxygen content in the water is increased, organic deposites are reduced and microorganisms can work more effectively.


* (Many providers send the water samples to labs. However, this kind of procedure is not advisable. Even some minutes of exposure to sunlight might falsify the result of the water sample and thus render it unusable.)






Not infrequently the pond keeper uses various products at the same time, for example fertilizer for the plants, copper sulphate or heavy metal to avoid algae growth and UVC lamps to kill bacteria. Ponds need bacteria to maintain the self-cleaning power; if the bacteria are destroyed, bigger problems occur. Natural ponds respond to the weather, especially shortly before a storm arises: The pond water will cloud, but one or two hours later the cloudiness has gone.

Especially around and on the greens nitrates and pesticides might lead to a sometimes insoluble water imbalance. The colour of the water is green and the pond keeper is urgently seeking advice.

The most important question is: With which kind of water the pond will be filled-up? In the case of well water, it is important to remember that the water veins are often under cultivated fields and therefore absorb nitrates and phosphates during fertilization periods. The nitrates and phosphates end up in the pond water. Consequently, floating algae, filamentous algae etc. proliferate due to the nutrient supply what makes the golf course operator very unhappy.

Pond keepers should not only take care about nitrates but also about dying plants or non-growing water lilies. Especially in corn and crop fields there are seasons where the farmer cannot do without pesticides. Small breeze and inappropriate wind direction bring the harmful substances into the pond and upset the ecosystem.

The self-cleaning power of microorganisms ensure that the water gets clean again. Nevertheless, one has to be aware that rainwater increases the ph-value and therefore also the growth of filamentous algae.

Highly efficient water care products based on natural microorganisms and activated oxygen components are used to successfully clean and maintain golf ponds and thus optimize water quality. Timely use of the products protects pumps, foils and hoses from harmful effects and corrosion. AQUA CLEAN GOLF-PLUS is the best choice.

Aquaclean Golf

Easy pond care! Pond care Premium SCHLAMMFIX – efficient sludge product, reduces organic sludge, leaves and deposit and increases the performance of the filter. Immediate effect due to active oxygen.

Pond care Premium SCHLAMMFIX is a high-performance product for pond care. Active oxygen improves the biologic self-cleaning power of the pond. The amount of water oxygen increases, organic deposits are reduced and microorganisms in filter systems do a more efficient job.

Schlammfix Teichreinigung

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