FAQ Ankauf Golfbälle

In the FAQ section you find all kind of information regarding golf ball purchase


You don’t have to care about the cleaning. We clean the balls and count them by light barrier. During the process all necessary data which is necessary for a fast and smooth processing is transferred to the merchandise management software.

No, of course, you don’t have to live in Germany to sell golf balls to us. We get the balls from the whole world, regardless of the country. Should you be interested, please contact our sales team via e-mail post@independentgolf.com or via phone at +49 8709 928 65-20. We will take care of all further steps as soon as possible.

Giving reliable information in advance is not possible, but only after the preparation of the balls. Our aim is not to have one-time-customers, we are interested in long-time business relationships. This is the reason why we always try to get the best for our customers. The progressive cleaning process at our company allows us to get the balls in their best condition which means also the highest value of the balls what reflects our purchase price.

Of course, we buy golf balls during the whole year. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s winter or summer. We are at your disposal at any time, even in winter.