FAQ Golfplatz Service

In the FAQ section you find all kind of information regarding golf ball service


First of all we need some information:

  • Number and location of the ponds
  • Last dive
  • Number of green fees per year

We schedule together date and time of the dive.

Our service team would be happy to get into contact with you via e-mail post@independentgolf.com, by phone at +49 8709 928 65-20 or simply use our contact form.

Our divers are paid per ball. Their primary goal is to find as many balls as possible and in as little time as possible. Advantage for the golf club: no effort needed to get the passive income. We apply classic methods to recover golf balls (diving, roller for layer and non-layer ponds) and therefore our outcome is 50 % higher compared to our competitors.

Should you wish to get more information, please click here, get into contact with us via e-mail post@independentgolf.com or via phone at +49 8709 928 65-20.

Of course. Due to many years of experience of our divers, the golf course is free for game at any time. The work is done under water and the divers do come up only to change the tanks and to empty the net. The golfers will even not get notice of their work.

Our partner clubs do not have any expenses. It’s the other way round. The golf club makes passive income due to our service. We offer many financial options that are pretty attractive.

The golf club decides:

  • Reimbursement per golf ball recovered
  • Part of the balls is given back to the golf club
  • Annually agreed fixed fee
  • Offset with items from our product catalog

For further information regarding the product catalog, please click here.